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Child Of Mine: Grief Healing for Parents

How Do You Live after the death of your child?


If you knew that you could heal, experience a peaceful heart, a joyful heart, AGAIN?...


That you could have a new (albeit non-physical) relationship with your child Would you say ”Yes, I’m In”?...


Hello, I am MaryPat Correro, mother of Katie who died in our home at the age of 23 from Heroin.


When I read that, part of me inside still says “you’re kidding me, right?” Get the h__ out of here! That’s not possible!”


Although your beloved child may have died in a totally different way at a totally different age, you may still be able to relate.


That is one of the many POSITIVE things I have learned to be possible from this journey with Grief.


Relatability. Community.Sharing. Healing.


I have had gut wrenching , “howling at the moon” moments and days.


Days I was not sure if I still wanted to walk this earth myself but rather join my dead daughter. 


My world was turned upside down,

I questioned everything I ever believed

including God…and then some!


I could go on with the pain and struggle of Grief

but that is not what this is about NOW!


There is Good News. For me. At this point. And for YOU!


I am healing, growing and starting to feel alive, more than ever;


feeling some joy and excitement.

I still miss Katie but I am not totally immersed in the pain and suffering


like I had been…


And I want to share this for you too!


My Life Purpose is to live and help others live Joyful lives.


As you well know there are many things in life that hinder our ability to feel Joy.


I now know that one of the most common is Unresolved Grief!


 Not many people in the world know how to Grieve in a healthy way.

That is called Mourning.


There are some specific, healthy “tools” to Mourn and heal Grief.


I am using them myself and am here to share them and

help you too on this journey of Healing Grief.


Actually I am creating the Program I wish was available to me in the past three years!


I have come to honor this Grief experience as a Sacred Journey,

and hope you will too.


I will support you and we will support each other hand in hand and honoring and healing our grief as parents. 


The Interactive Healing Group  Child of Mine: Grief Healing For Parents 

To Be Announced


Here is the Program Outline 

Specific schedule will be provided upon registration with link to Group page


Eight (8) EFT Sessions will be Live with individual and group participation


They are one hour sessions although sessions may run longer


Participation is by Zoom online video platform


  The link to Zoom will be provided by email upon registration


Those LIVE sessions will  include:

Grief Coaching and EFT 

Mindfulness Training and Practice


Oneness Blessing by Intent (Universal Energy like Reiki)

for healing of mind through Crown Chakra)


  Short Meditative Visualization to close session


 Child Of Mine Facebook group

for connection, questions, examining limiting beliefs,

and general support in between EFT sessions. 

This will also be the format for sharing

other healing practices recommended to be done daily which are :


Your Daily Intention

 Daily Gratitude( Morning and Evening)


The group will be Closed to members of this group only.

What are the benefits of this Group Process?


                               Identifying, reframing (changing) limiting beliefs

                               healing emotions

                               coming to a place of peaceful coexistence with "what is"

                               experiencing a sense of peace, ease 

                               "homeostasis" in the nervous system and body

                                releasing stress related symptoms including anxiety, concentration,

                                irrational fears to name a few

Emotional Feedom Technique is very gentle, powerful and can benefit everyone! It DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH OTHER TRADITIONAL THERAPIES ! If anything it expedites the therapeutic process!  

It is my Intention that it be a sacred, safe, place where your vulnerability, deepest feelings and experiences will be honored and protected and held in privacy and Divine Light.


  Paticipation Fee for this group  is  $250.00


Due to the One on One work that we all will be doing in this group and to provide everyone with the support they need and deserve, the Child of Mine Group will be small and limited in number of participants for each group.

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