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 How Do You Live after the Death of Your Child?


     If you knew that you could heal,

experience a peaceful heart, a joyful heart, AGAIN?...


That you could have a new (albeit non-physical) relationship with your child


Would you say ”Yes, I’m In”?...


Hello, I am MaryPat Correro, mother of Katie who died in our home

at the age of 23 from Heroin.


When I read that, part of me inside still says “you’re kidding me, right?”


Get the h__ out of here! That’s not possible!”


           Although your beloved child may have died

in a totally different way at a totally different age,

you may still be able to relate.


That is one of the many POSITIVE things I have learned to be possible


from this journey with Grief. Relatability. Community.Sharing. Healing.


I have had gut wrenching , “howling at the moon” moments and days.

Days I was not sure if I still wanted to walk this earth myself


but rather join my dead daughter.

My world was turned upside down,


I questioned everything I ever believed including God…and then some! 


I could go on with the pain and struggle of Grief

but that is not what this is about NOW!


There is Good News. For me. At this point. And for YOU!


I am healing, growing and starting to feel alive, more than ever;

feeling some joy and excitement.


I still miss Katie very much


but I am not totally immersed in the pain and suffering like I had been…

And I want to share this for you too!


My Life Purpose is to live and help others live Joyful lives.

As you well know there are many things in life that hinder our ability to feel Joy.


I now know that one of the most common is Unresolved Grief!


I venture to say, that not many people in the world

know how to Grieve in a healthy way. That is called Mourning.


There are some specific, healthy “tools” to Mourn and heal Grief.


I am using them myself and am here to share them

and help you too on this journey of Healing Grief.


I have come to honor this Grief experience as a Sacred Journey,


and hope you will too.


I will be holding   FREE  Introductory Interactive  Conference Calls


Thursday,May 26, 2016 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time


Monday,May 30,2016 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time

for parents whose children have died 

Pick one or both to attend!


I will share all the information you need about the interactive healing group called:


Child of Mine: Grief Healing For Parents

​Healing Grief through  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

June 1, 2016- June 30, 2016

   This is an ongoing month to month program which requires monthly registration 

          By Profession I am  a Family Life  Coach. I use EFT  not only with my  clients with

           powerful healing of emotions and limiting beliefs, but also use it daily  in my own

          life and have seen the healing, restoration and growth within myself.


          This powerful, user friendly,self empowering tool will be the basis for our work             

           together in June.


I will support you and we will support each other hand in hand honoring our grief as mothers.  



In the FREE Introductory Call I will introduce the format for the group and the specific tools that will be used so we can grow and heal together and develop new empowering habits.


I will introduce you to Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly called EFT or Tapping.


It is a powerful, easy to use energetic approach to healing emotions, and deep set false beliefs.

We will experience it together during the Introductory Call and I will answer any questions about it or anything else related to the upcoming group.


If you would like to participate in the INTRODUCTORY Call  


Please fill in the Box below so that I can email you the link to the Call.


This Introductory Call will be Recorded!  If you are interested  but cannot attend  LIVE  please  sign up!


Here is what Tom Zuba, author of

Permission To Mourn: A New Way To Do Grief has to say:


"MaryPat is a friend of mine.
She and I have been working together
as coach/client for almost a year.
Mary Pat has embraced the concepts I present
in my book...
Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief.
If those messages resonate with you
and you are ready to step further into your own healing
I urge you
highly recommend that you
participate in her free Introductory Calls


The program she is offering in May and June has great power
to help you heal.
And she is the perfect person to offer it.

Please take a look."


If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or inbox me on facebook.   



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