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                      Health By Design                                                                              BRAIN ENHANCEMENT THERAPY


Do you know that your  pathway to health is wired within you?


That Stress and not knowing how we are energetically wired contributes to illness and burnout?  


We grow up in a culture that has expectations and a “nose to the grinder” mentality for the most part, expecting us to “just do it” and work hard.


For half of the human population this approach to living does not work! They are not energetically designed to function that way! This often results in frustration, burnout and health problems!!


                           THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!


You did not know  about your Energetic Blueprint, Your Unique Human Design


                                      UNTIL NOW!


Want to Stop Struggling? To FEEL BETTER AND MORE ENERGIZED??





           " Good health is not the absence of symptoms,
            it is the presence of peace.

         Do not confuse physical vibrance with spiritual vitality.
         You are not your body. Your body is simply a tool.
         A magnificent tool, for sure, but nothing more than that.
         As with all tools, your body will from time to time need
        repair. And one day it will wear down completely.
        Your soul will do neither. Not now, not ever. Listen,
        therefore, to the whispers of the soul,
        not the cries of the body."   
                                                         Neale Donald Walsch




                                                             Brain Health Services                   Article on Concussions and Learning


MaryPat Correro, Director of  Joyful Family Services, is providing Brain Enhancement Therapy , a cutting edge rehabilitative training program focusing on Intellectual and Executive Functions,  Memory, Perceptual , Sensori motor, Vision, Auditory, Language Processing and Vestibular Integration abilities for individuals experiencing post concussion learning, attention and concentration problems.


MaryPat Correro, an expert in the use of therapeutic Brain training to remediate Learning Disabilities, will work closely with your medical doctors and other Professionals to rehabilitate the brain functions  for learning, and everyday life functioning.


Individuals must be medically stable and cleared by their Physicians for Brain Enhancement Therapy.


A Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment of all relevant areas will  be required as part of Treatment Plan done by Joyful Family Services  as well as receipt of records from other Professionals providing post concussion services.

 A Therapeutic Treatment Plan involving Weekly In Office Training sessions with MaryPat Correro, Director, home training sessions and weekly consultations will be provided.


Because emotional and psychological traumas may be caused along with the concussion, cutting edge, gentle, effective, user friendly and non invasive Energy Psychology tools will be implemented into the treatment program to provide a complete therapeutic program that will enhance the effectiveness of other therapies, the time frame of healing and your child’s return to optimum functioning .


To assure this, MaryPat Correro works closely with a team of Energy Health Practitioners and Integrative Medicine Physicians. Referrals to them will be provided as deemed necessary.

 For a free initial consultation to determine eligibility for the  Brain Enhancement Therapy Program please call 856 220 6403.


MaryPat Correro, Ed.M., Director , Joyful Family Services

Learning Therapist/Family Coach/ Energy Health Practitioner





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