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                                          Loss of a Child Parent Grief Support E-Book


                                                                          What DO I Do NOW ?


                                                        How To Deal With Life After My Child’s Death


                                                                         By MaryPat Correro, Ed.M.




                                             How Do You Live after the death of your child?


If  YOU have experienced the death of your child you may still be “on the fence” about if you even WANT to continue living! 


If you knew that you could heal, experience a peaceful heart, a joyful heart, AGAIN….?


 That you could have a new (albeit non- physical) relationship with Your Child


                                                       Would you say ”Yes, I’m In” ?...




Hi ! I am MaryPat Correro and my 23 year old daughter Katie died on June 5, 2013. I have learned and healed so much from this devestating life experience and am here to share it with you!



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