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How Do You Live after the death of your child?


If you knew that you could heal, experience a peaceful heart, a joyful heart, AGAIN?...


That you could have a new (albeit non-physical) relationship with your child Would you say ”Yes, I’m In”?...


Not many people in the world know how to Grieve in a healthy way.


That is called Mourning.


There are some specific, healthy “tools” to Mourn and heal Grief.I am using them myself and am here to share them and help you too on this journey of Healing Grief.


Actually I am creating the Program I wish was available to me in the past three years!


I have come to honor this Grief experience as a Sacred Journey,and hope you will too.


I will support you this Mothers' Day in a healthy, loving, nourishing and healing way. 


Join me. For an hour, for two hours, for ten minutes. It is up to you. I will be here.


For Moms, About Moms


Saturday, May 7, 2016 

1-3 pm

Zoom online Video from the comfort of your own home.

Come and let your mind and your Soul be pampered.


To register and receive the online link fill out the box below:


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