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Ten Hidden Signs That Your Child May Have A Learning Disability (#6 may really surprise you!)

1. Excessive amount of time spent on homework.

2. Need for ongoing tutoring.

3. Difficulty with Reading, Spelling Math despite Intelligence.

4. Inconsistent grades despite studying

5. Poor Memory.

6. Anxiety and Eating Disorders

7. Headaches, Stomachaches, Sleep problems

8. Resistance to going to school, reading, doing homework

9. Lack of Motivation, inability to focus on schoolwork

10. Poor Confidence and Self Esteem

Numbers 1-5 are the most commonly recognized symptoms of learning problems. However, if tutoring is needed year after year despite good school attendance, doing homework with parent support, there is most likely an actual learning disability. Children needing regular parent assistance and guidance with homework beyond 5 th grade is also a “red flag” for learning disability.

Also, inconsistent grades despite consistent studying, homework completion and parent support points to a learning disability. On the other hand, getting good grades does not always mean that child does not have learning disabilities. Some children are bright enough and work hard enough to be over achievers despite learning disabilities!

Learning Disabilities are due to undeveloped cognitive, perceptual and sensori motor processing skills that can be resolved in most individuals so that they can perform at their academic potential. This applies to adults as well as children.

There are many kinds of Memory which are stimulated and enhanced by novelty, interest, patterns, relevance of and how information is presented. While your child can remember some things (especially long term) and yet not his spelling words or times tables does not mean they are “not trying hard enough”, “are lazy” or “not focused”!

Poor Memory is a very common learning disability and easily resolved through Learning Therapy. When memory abilities become strong, learning problems with Arithmetic, Math, Reading, Spelling, Retention of information, etc. very often disappear!

The most unrecognized and least acknowledged symptoms of learning problems is in the area of Behavior!

Unidentified and Misdiagnosed learning disabilities can actually cause excessive stress on children contributing to physical problems as sleep both insomnia or excessive desire for sleep beyond the normal sleep patterns. Inability to focus attention does not mean your child has ADD! Inability to focus attention is often caused by sensory motor and visual and auditory processing disabilities.

When these abilities are developed, concentration and focusing and

academic achievement can improve !

Other emotional and behavioral issues as anxiety about school and school work and resistance to both, eating disorders, headaches and stomach aches, lack of motivation, lack of confidence and poor self esteem are all very common symptoms of Learning Disabilities that have not been identified and remediated by schools!

For more information about the Learning Process and how to help your child go to

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