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Test scores are not a true indication of learning?

That children can still have learning disabilities despite getting good grades?

Boosting test scores should not be a main goal for us although schools put so much emphasis on grades. Grades are not a true indication of academic and intellectual functioning.

If your child studies, does homework (and especially if you study with them) and he/she still does poorly on tests, this is a big red flag that something else is going on!

Please do not quickly think that your child “is just not trying hard enough”, “is lazy” etc.! Behavior and motivation problems regarding school and learning are Most Often symptoms of Covert or Unidentified Learning Problems!

There is some difficulty in how your child processes information which is a learning disability.

Want some answers how to help your child and resolve these problems?

Call me, MaryPat Correro at Center For Learning Enhancement : 856 220 6403

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