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Do You Have a Sensational Child?

One of the MOST misunderstood and misdiagnosed causes of learning problems is Sensory Processing Disorder.

Here is a checklist of many of the symptoms that your child may be experiencing

My eyes hurt from bright lights

I like to read in dim light

I don’t like to read

I make what appears to be "careless" mistakes

I appear to have “selective hearing” and difficulty listening.

I am overly sensitive to loud noises such as vacuum, school bells

I have difficulty dressing myself

I still have difficulty tying my shoes at age 8

Texture of clothes, tags bother me

I don’t like to go barefoot

I have poor gross motor skills

I dislike riding a bike, playing sports

I trip and am called clumsy

I walk on my tiptoes

I seem to be unaware of normal touch or pain

I often touch others too hard or too soft

I don’t like to be hugged or tickled

I sit in odd positions as with my legs in a W position.

I have trouble sitting comfortably

I appear to be disorganized and confused

I overreacts to situations having tantrums and meltdowns

I have trouble functioning at school in public and at home

I have trouble learning

I have trouble making and keeping friends

I have poor fine motor skills such as cutting and handwriting and using eating utensils

I am sensitive to smells and always smell people, foods and objects

I am a picky eater and resist new foods and certain textures

I chew on everything—toys, my clothes, finger nails

If your child demonstrates some or all of these behaviors, no need to panic! These mean that your child’s brain processes sensory information in his/her own unique way. . right now...

It does not mean that he/she needs to be put on medication!

Your child’s Sensory processing abilities can be trained and developed fairly easily through Learning Therapy!

We can help your child feel, learn, behave better! AND get better !

Will this be the LAST year your child struggles and you agonize over them?

Contact me NOW 856 220 6403.

May your child and YOU have a great school year!

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