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A Diagnosis…Great…Now What? Solutions to Learning Problems

I recently started working with a new student. His mother gave me a NeuroPsychological Assessment Report that had been done previously. The report was seventy pages, yes 70 pages long!

Despite my own expertise in this field my eyes glazed over all the lines and pages of technical verbage.

What I was most interested in was what the recommendations would be… It was a real “head shaker”… You know, when you shake your head back and forth in disbelief.

There was nothing provided that would lead these parents to know that any thing could be done for their son. The recommendations included the likes of parents should continue to encourage their child to do their best, the student should continue to try to do their best to… small class setting…NO SOLUTIONS ? REALLY?

This even more strengthened my resolve that I have got to get the TRUTH and ANSWERS out to parents!

There is soo much more that can be done for children on the Spectrum or with Dyslexia, or learning disabilities and especially for those mislabeled as behavioral and attitudinal issues and the most misdiagnosed of them all ADD!

Through Complete Diagnostic evaluations and Learning Therapy children around the world are being helped to reach their potential.

What do YOU need to know to make that happen for your child?

Traditional Psychologists and Neuro Psychologists, Learning Consultants/Specialists working for schools (public and private) DO NOT diagnose all the intellectual abilities or perceptual abilities necessary for learning.

Achievement Tests have little to do with DIAGNOSING Learning Problems. That is another misconception.

Children can get good scores on achievement tests and still have unresolved Learning Disabilities!!

It NEVER is just the intellectual abilities that are the problem. How the brain interprets the information through the senses, how the body and brain work together and how well, are the missing pieces.

There is a huge attitudinal problem and even worse an erroneous belief system that learning problems cannot be resolved or improved !

That IS NOT what the Research dating back to 1950’s has proven!!

Parents and I have seen life changing results happening for years now at Center For Learning Enhancement!

What Do you Do NOW for Your Child?

Call Center For Learning Enhancement NOW for a FREE Consultation about how we can meet your child’s needs with the Solution Oriented *Evaluation Process which will result in a bona fide Treatment Plan to enhance and develop your child’s capacity and potential for learning!

*Definition of SOLUTION ORIENTED: Does NOT mean accommodations, behavioral changes, tutoring. While these are good THEY ARE NOT SOLUTIONS!

!I am here to serve you as a parent helping your child to receive what they really need from the schools and accomplish what it takes for them to function at their potential! For a FREE consultation call MaryPat Correro at 856 220 6403.

ceive what they really need from the schools and accomplish what it takes for them to function at their potential! Happy Thanksgiving! MaryPat

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