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Living Joyfully On Life's Terms

What Does this look like in your life? Is this possible for you? Can you live life joyfully on "life's terms"?

Maybe at those times when everything is flowing, going your way? (Hint: Life is always flowing!)

Times when your relationships are good, the kids are healthy and doing well, you are loving your life work, living the life you want, with lovely friends, a solid income...mmm. There may be times in your life when all this is so. Or not.

Can you live joyfully when "all the pieces are NOT "in place" ?

Can you do it "authentically"? Not by pushing your feelings and emotions away, by getting extra busy, shopping, eating, drinking, drugging, sleeping or____?? (you fill in the blank)

This living life on life's terms is not a "slam dunk" by any means!

Living life on life's terms is releasing, resistant limiting beliefs and emotional wounds and seeing life from a bigger perspective. It is an "art', a challenge, a process which takes intention, courage, new habits, regular healing work, gratitude and the crux of it all SURRENDER to "what is" !

This is what I practice and practice and strive for and am moving towards on a daily basis.

Despite what I have experienced in this life--- my daughter's addiction, depleting of our retirement savings for rehabs, my husband's unexpected layoff and inability to find another job, our daughter's sudden, unexpected death; I am growing and healing. My marriage of 30 years is better than ever and I am excited about how all of this has "primed" me for fulfilling and being my life purpose in a new powerful way!

I am NOT you, I know that, and YOU were born to live a fulfilling, peaceful, joyful life. WE ALL ARE! And I can show you the road map for your living life in a new personal way that is right for you!

It takes committment, did I say Surrender?, Intention and honoring all the feelings, releasing all the limiting beliefs, the unanswerable questions, the "shoulds" that trap us in resistance which is the prison of pain and suffering!

Doing healing work, especially energy health modalities is the key to joyful living!

I am here to show you how. I have created the gentle, powerful healing processes that I wish was available to me years ago!

I have available to you two Grief healing options: two groups and one on one Grief to Joy Coaching services.

To receive more information contact me with your questions at 856 220 6403 or send me an email at

Let's have a conversation about how you can really turn your self around, feel better, more powerful and at peace with life.

Abundant Blessings and Joyful Living be yours!



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