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Motherhood: A Sacred Journey: Part 3


A Mom's Journey: What I Know So Far

I was almost thirty five when I became a mother for the first time. I thought because I was an "older" first time mom, I had it all figured out, it would be a piece of cake! HA ! WAS I EVER WRONG! It was not about my children per se, I just had a lot of preconceive beliefs, expectations that were unrealistic, wrong, silly albeit mixed in with a lot of good mature stuff...

I wish I knew then what I know now about what I am sharing here.

My children are Souls Incarnated and So am I. And so are you and your children.

Your Soul was in agreement with that.

I am not here to make them into a person I think they should be! Yep, I know, a tough one at times.

I am here to nourish and support their physical growth, teach them and find appropriate beings to teach them and show them how to function in daily life (so they can do their life work) teach them the spiritual principles of love, respect, kindness, first of all for the unique beings that they are and then how to honor others that same way.

To teach them that not everyone is going to be like them nor should they be in ANY way.

What I do know, as a seasoned parent is that the pain or peace that we experience as mother’s directly relates to OUR beliefs about children and motherhood and who and what we THINK we “should” do and be!

We are not responsible for how our children’s lives “turn out”

We DO NOT consciously know our children’s Soul Purpose and Soul Contract ( we can talk more about this together)

We are responsible for doing our best to follow our own intuition and seek to learn how to parent as best as possible and grow as the Spiritual Beings that we are too!

There may be challenges in our children’s lives to help them grow according to their Soul journey and contract.

These same challenges our children’s Souls may have lovingly taken on to help US grow as Souls! Very Gracious of them!

What do I mean by challenges?

Being born with Physical, Mental, Intellectual and learning disabilities, autism, ADD, bi polar disorder, CP and other “disorders”, physical bodies and limbs considered “deformed”.

Developing disease and dying as children, teens, young adults

Developing alcohol and drug addictions

None of these are just random, victimizing events! AND for us as human parents VERY challenging….when we are caught/stuck in our human minds. Not wrong, just a part of the journey…

I very much KNOW how hard it is to believe and embrace that but there is a much, much BIGGER PICTURE going on HERE!

When I see these children and young adults with these kind of challenges, I know that they are advanced Souls, Old Souls who are taking on an advanced life “curriculum”, living a “fast track” Spiritually to do what they “came here” in Human form to do!

The challenging news is that I was NOT brought up this way or to believe this way! I was not parented this way myself!

SOOO there is much realigning (healing) and releasing of limiting beliefs, fears, hurts of my own about my own self and my relationship with my children and my experience with them.

And I suspect that this may be the same for you...

The good news? I am here to support you, guide your way, help you heal, realign, relate and have a wholesome, loving , empowered relationship as the Spiritual Being that you and your child is!

More good news?

Even if your child’s Soul has gone Home, made it's "transition" died as is the human term, they are STILL Alive in Spirit, the Self that they were in that beautiful body, still exits and is still with you!

What are your thoughts? Let's have a mom to mom conversation!



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