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What IS so called Normal?

It is very common for people who are grieving after a trauma as the death of a loved one, to wonder "Will I ever feel normal again? Or will my life ever get back to normal? Or other people, in so many words, imply that you are not "your normal self"!

One of the biggest contributors to grief is comparing ourselves to others, to how we used to be, used to feel,used to live and “shoulds” about how we should be, which boils down to the question in our mind—“Are we “BEING NORMAL?”

I wonder if ANY of us have ever sat down and actually thought about and identified for themselves what NORMAL really is? And do we really want to fit in to that human belief system? Really.

If you think about it, the only constant in life IS CHANGE. So to me, THAT is all that is NORMAL!



Change is a verb and a noun; it is an action that occurs, often kicking and screaming for most of us no matter our age. It is a noun, a thing. The existence, manifestation of something we label good.. or bad.

Resisting "what is" and trying to live in and maintain the past is not normal nor healthy and it is totally human!

As Spiritual Beings here to learn and grow we can learn from this CHANGE and move beyond.

How do I choose to define “Normal”?

Normal is growing, healing, being passionate about life and what matters most to us, striving to make a difference in the world, loving with all our heart, believing that we are part of a bigger consciousness, a bigger plan.

Normal is also being fully human by honoring, expressing and going through the many joys and growing pains of human life, that are only here to help us grow, and reach our destiny which is to demonstrate the Divine Brilliance that is our true nature!To Be who WE are authentically designed to BE..

Normal IS NOT STATUS QUO or placating our or others resistance to growth and change. Life and the Universe is constantly changing, moving forward with US in it!

Dear One, YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL! Have a blessed day.

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