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Proof of Heaven

I have read many books related to Grief and Life after Death. One in particular that really made me feel better and confirmed my own beliefs, is Dr. Eben Alexander's book called Proof Of Heaven. For those of you who do not know his story, Dr. Alexander is an Ivy league (I think Harvard) trained Neuro Surgeon. He had a deadly bacterial brain infection that according to him he should not have come back from. He expected that he would have stayed in a persistent vegetative state. There was a 10 % survival rate rived at the Emergency Room and he showed no signs of neo cortical brain functioning. However, he did come back to life and he wrote a book about his experience.

Dr. Alexander had died and had a profound experience in the after life which is traditionally referred to as "Heaven". Scientists like himself never believed in "heaven" as often related by people coming back from near death experiences. They (Scientists) explained that what these people were actually experiencing were hallucinogenic type creations of the brain! Dr. Alexander is here to tell his fellow scientists that he now knows that they are wrong!

After Dr. Alexander's miraculous and medically unexplainable return from death and full brain function recovery, Dr. Alexander reviewed his own medical charts about the condition of his brain. He said that his brain was so seriously infected and damaged by the bacterial infection that there was no possibility of any brain activity present to create the experience that he had! The only viable explanation that he could possibly come to is that HE HAD EXPERIENCED HEAVEN ! He met loved ones including those he had not met in his lifetime, that had made their transition before he was born.

I had the opportunity to attend a lecture and book signing by Dr. Alexander. When it came to my turn, we chatted briefly and I told him about Katie who had just made her transition (died) within that year. In a very calm , matter of fact way he asked me "So have you heard from her?" As if she was just on vacation, or away at college...He was so assured of the possibility of this, her ability to communicate with us and that she was still very much alive! My answer was " Why Yes, we received a few communications from her".

I want to also share with you some of the precious and comforting TRUTHS he learned during his brief visit to Heaven and encounter with "God".

Dr. Alexander shared that the human brain "dumbs down" Consciousness. We are so much more than our physical bodies. There is far more real than this world. WE are eternal, infinite, Divine Spiritual Light Beings. We are Consciousness beyond humanness. Consciousness is not the "little voice" in our heads nor created by it. There is Consciousness beyond Life and Life beyond earth. Consciousness is not in the brain at all.

The "little voice" in the mind is NOT US and is not the decision maker and actually gets in the way of Consciousness!. Truth is within. All answers are within. We are eternal beings and DEATH is actually the AWAKENING! His message from God is that "You are deeply loved and cherished forever. You have nothing to fear, you always will be taken care of. " God is at the very root of all. "You can do no wrong".There is an infinitely loving God that allows free will so that we can make choices. What we do for others we do for ourselves. Everything IS NOT what it appears to be! Fear is what breeds "badness". Nothing works against the highest good. We have more awarenesses at our transition from life. Our loved ones are right here.You are not alone ever.

I encourage you to read Proof of Heaven. There are also many other inspirational Truth based books that can help you grow an heal on your journey. Feel free to contact me for some other suggestions.

Blessings to you this day.



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