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What I Know...At least This Far

Today I am more clear than ever that peace of mind, ease in my daily life, feeling free (which is truly an inside job) is a CHOICE OF MINDSET. I cannot be free but through my mindset!

And I must say this does not and did not happen by me just twitching my nose and blinking my eyes like Dream of Jeannie! It has taken years of consistent seeking of Truth which is recognized by the heart NOT the mind. It has and is coming from many resources and with the guidance and support of many Mentors and Teachers,ordained by Life; it is through my daily committment to and focus on my inner healing, challenging what is in my emotions, beliefs...I created it, I made it happen...LIFE did NOT! Other people in my life did not! I DID it for myself with a tremendous amount of reliance on Divine Guidance, the Divinity within me ...and YOU can too..if you really want to....

I am here for those who want to get free of the emotional tsunami, the prison of fear, trauma, anger, resentment, bitterness,depression, sadness, victim mindset. I have done it, I am doing it. I will no longer ginger foot around for fear of hurting people who choose to hold on to their pain..When we know better, we do better, if we choose to...So here you go...there is a better way, you do not have to continue to feel________. You fill in the blank.

I am NOT saying do not honor and recognize feelings..There are no right or wrong feelings or beliefs for that matter. They are there to show us what path we are on...They are NOT WHO WE ARE. NEVER WERE, NEVER WILL BE. THEY DO NOT MAKE YOU RIGHT OR WRONG...JUST CAUSE YOU TO SUFFER...OR NOT... They are NOT about the "WHAT is happening" they are about HOW we INTERPRET and deal with, RESPOND to the "what is" happening...And I know the power of emotions and beliefs, they can be very tough to deal with ESPECIALLY if you do not know what I just told you..Again, they are not Truth; unless you choose them to be so...They are traffic lights,detours, warning signs on the road of lifeI Many of them are like highway signs that have never been taken down long after the danger or obstruction has been cleared and a new road provided!

I have been stuck in them sooo many years too. I know how to peel away the layers that may now making this all "feel" impossible for you...I am out of the mire of yuck and am offering YOU my hand to pull you out if you really want to.To show you a new highway to follow, with new scenery...And knowing what I know NOW it does NOT have to take years because I have learned what really works...Interested?

Are you ready to bring new MEANING to "WHAT IS" in your life?

Let's have a conversation about this. What are you wanting to change about your life? about how you experience your life? starting today! Respond here or pm me. Have a blessed day, you truly deserve to!



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