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Back To School Days

Today is a beautiful pre fall day in Northeastern US. That time of year when parents and kids are picking out new school clothes, binders, back packs, lunch boxes, or perhaps buying laptops and bedding to go away to college for the first time. Fun times and new milestones in our children's lives. These are all the things I remember my daughter and son and I loved to do...

For parents who's children are now "living in Spirit" this can be be a source of big grief triggers. While they may have other children getting ready for school, the pangs of that not being for their beloved child in spirit can be very painful. I know what that is like too. "My child can't have that experience", "I don't get to experience the joy of seeing them going through this new milestone, sharing life with them in this way, etc...

Gratefully, I have been able to heal and come to a level of belief, of perception that is, consciousness, that does not cause too much pain anymore.

It's because I know differently about what is and what was...

I invite you to consider this: What IF your beloved child in Spirit DID NOT NEED to have these experiences? with school, new friends, etc.?

What If ? The TRUE PURPOSE of all of these everyday school experiences was essentially for growth of their Soul? Not about the academics, but the Soul learning on a Grander Scale?

And What If? Your child's Soul has completed everything it needed from this life time? No matter what grade? what information or skill they did or did not learn? Even if they never "graduated" from ____ grade?

What If ? They learned all the important lessons they needed to GRADUATE FROM LIFE? Total. Complete?

And What If?? They, the Soul that they are, absolutely knows that to be the truth too?

And What If? They are now in a new "school", and doing awesome work supporting you and all their loved ones still in human form? in a way far better and more effective and powerful than they ever could have in human form??


If you are like most parents, your human mind may be disliking, starting to argue with the possibility of the truth of any of this. That is common.

And What IF all these "What Ifs" are the TRUTH ?

And the mind (which is not YOU) is Limited, Wrong?

What If? All the possibilities I just presented to you are True? How would you feel then?

I invite you to sit, and breathe and contemplate these few "What If's".

What comes up for you? How would you feel and BE ? Today? Tomorrow?

A Miracle is defined as a Shift in Perception. "What If's" offer you a "Shift in Perception".

What Miracles can you then experience if you embrace these (and other) "What If's" ?

Talk to me about what comes up for you! Share what you think and feel...And in the meantime have a blessed joyful day.

Love to you all,


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