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Peace is an inside job. Inside OURSELVES. We are ALL one.

In Truth there is no “them” and “us”. There is only US (and that does not stand for United States, it is US as in human beings).

If we think or feel something “wrong” or “bad” about someone else, there is some aspect or belief or denial within us that relates to whatever we stand in judgment about. It is OUR Shadow side.

September 11, 2002 was a “wakeup” call for the world. Yes, Horror on the human level. This IS NOT a political article.

It is about the Consciousness of the human race and our own individual responsibility to the healing of it.

When we do our own healing work, therapy of any kind, spend time examining our consciousness, we contribute to the healing of not only ourselves but others and the world. This includes those loved Ones in Spirit. They are still alive just in another form. All those human beings who “died” that day on a Spirit level, as Souls, were taking a stand, taking a tremendous part in that “wakeup” call although they DID NOT realize it on the “human” level…

WE are ONE with all, it is all Consciousness in physical or non- physical form.

Instead of watching the replays of the horror of 15 years ago which will only re-traumatize you, I suggest that you go within and see what your thoughts are about that day, and all those involved.

Thoughts of fear and judgment? They are there to be examined and healed. NO right or wrong here. I am NOT saying that. Just asking “Is it of Pain or Peace?”

Like I said, PEACE is an inside job…Have a blessed day. Love, Marypat

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