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The ART of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a very common word these days and rightfully so. But what is Mindfulness? REALLY?

Contrary to what some people think, mindfulness is more than a meditation "session". Mindfulness is actually a “Way of Living”, a Way of "BEING". Everyday. Throughout the day. Being Present, Being in the "Moment".

Mindfulness is not about being Perfect or only feeling good.

Mindfulness is at the root of our peace of mind and contentment and joy AND the lack of mindfulness is at the root of depression, guilt, anxiety and many other painful emotional states for many people.

It is about:

Being Authentic.

What is being authentic?

Feeling, being honest about and taking responsibility for all your feelings and thoughts and beliefs.

Being Present to what you feel and not stuffing down your feelings.

However, if you think about it many feelings and emotions are created by not being in the Present, are the result of reliving past experiences, being "at war with" the Present.

In being Mindful we realize this, acknowledge this and deal with it. That is where Being Authentic comes in. Like I said, Being Mindful is not about being perfect or not feeling...

It is important to Know that YOU are not your thoughts and feelings. YOU are not your mind.

This is a critical TRUTH that needs repeating: YOU ARE NOT the MIND!

Authenticity is also as i said earlier, Being in the Present Moment.

For example, Where are your thoughts while you are reading this article? Are you thinking about the bills to be paid, the kids that need your attention right now? what else you "should" be doing...

Often what is viewed as “multi tasking" is really just a lack of Mindfulness.

Are you PRESENT TO what you are doing? In THIS moment?

As you are washing the dishes, doing the wash, is your mind focused on that activity, as mundane as it is?

Are you conscious of the smells?

the sounds of the water?

the sensation of the water on your hands?

Are you Present in the NOW?

THAT IS MINDFULNESS! Being Present in the NOW

I assure you that if you start paying attention to WHERE YOUR MIND IS, WHAT IT IS FOCUSING ON,

AND bring it to the PRESENT and FOCUS ON what is right in front of you,

Which is being IN THE PRESENT


You will start to be more peaceful and content and joyful

Mindfulness is a way of Being to be cultivated, moment by moment, day by day.

Mindfulness is A Way of Being in your everyday life.

When you walk your dog or drive your car where is your mind focusing?

You can think about whatever you want to think about, I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn't ,It is about being conscious about, being aware of and actively choosing what you will think about... and not!

It is your and my responsibility to manage the Mind!

Managing YOUR MIND IS Mindfulness!

Mindfulness is simple, but not easy and sitting for a half hour “meditating” and then going about your day letting your mind go "willy nilly" focusing on everything but the Present IS NOT MINDFULNESS!! Mindfulness is critical to emotional stability, peace of mind and healing grief.

Meditation is meant to help create mindfulness and managing your mind daily.

As I just talked about, ongoing mindfulness in daily activities IS a meditation in itself!

Now, this moment is all we have, Now is all that IS!

Now is where Mindfulness IS!

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