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My Story


I ASPIRE TO LIVE JOYFULLY. According to my Human Design, my Energetic Blueprint, that is my Life Purpose. To live joyfully and help others to live a life of joy too. At this point in my life, honestly and humbly, on most days, I don’t know what that looks like!


 I was brought up to have a relationship with “God”, was a “good girl” lived an honorable life, strove to serve mankind as best I could even from a young age.


As a little girl a family of my own was most important to me. I remember wanting to have six children! February 2016 my husband and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and while we do not have 6 children, I have been blessed with a son and a daughter who I love dearly and have been catalysts for tremendous growth in my life.


  My husband and I have always sought to be the best parents with a balanced family life. Close relationship with our children, lots of family time, attending all kinds of  sports events and dancing school recitals, evening meals and Sunday church services get it, the “All American” “wholesome” life..


Yet with all the dreams and plans and prayers and books read and lectures, workshops and religious/spiritual retreats attended, LIFE DOES NOT always GO or TURNOUT like we dreamed or planned! NO MATTER HOW GOOD WE ARE OR OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS!!

Our beautiful daughter Katie was sexually molested at the age of thirteen at a members only swim club in our middle class surburban township in New Jersey where she was swimming with her best friend and her friend's mom. She went and told the security guard/police officer at the pool. He would not believe her or help her.

Her best friend would not believe her either. She never said another word even to us but just tried to forget about it... 


For those of you who may or may not know about trauma, it seldom goes away but demonstrates in and through the subconscious as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Often PTSD is not diagnosed until significant expressions of the trauma show up. As it did for Katie and our family. With this I lost the focus on my Private Practice and my clients...


There is more to this life story ...Therapy was somewhat effective but the deep secret wound was still not  healed; Katie did her best, agreed to long term out of state rehab, we maintained the love and support for her and each other as a family  and on June 5, 2013, just three months short of her 24th birthday, Katie died at home from a Heroin overdose. ..   


While I always considered myself to be an open minded, compassionate person,  this experience has opened my heart,  broadened my beliefs, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and compassion even more... I have also expanded my Professional Expertise as a Learning Therapist, Family Coach, and Specialist in Emotional Freedom Technique( EFT)  and Human Design.


I have realized that We did not do or think anything wrong, we were spiritual enough and good enough contrary to the hype of traditional religion and the new constraint of New Thought Spirituality.


I am here to serve you and your family in a new and more powerful way. I now know that THE PATH TO JOYFUL LIVING is AUTHENTIC LIVING!






"We appreciate your dedication to see our son succeed not only in academics but in life. You have such a heart to see children succeed and are doing everything you know to make it happen. We are thankful for everything that you do and don't feel we could ever repay you for what you have done for our B. I am amazed when I see my growing, happy, self confident little boy. I owe much of that to your patience and dedication"... Mrs. K.B., NJ


"In school these last few months I have seen our son working at a better level of comprehension and not struggling with effort at the hardest of tasks, homework, and test taking. I wish we had our son diagnosed earlier in his educational years." - Mrs. A.E., Cherry Hill, NJ


"My son has made much improvement. Every component of the program has helped him. Your enthusiasm and knowledge contributed to his success" - Mrs. D.W., Voorhees, NJ


"You are sincere about your work; you have a heart for it, a passion. It was your enthusiasm and knowledge that I attribute to my son's success in this program!" D.W., parent, Voorhees, NJ


"We owe so much to your work with Ben. He struggled for so long, and is now an A/B student in high school. Can’t thank you enough." - K.B., Berlin, NJ


"Thank you so much. You truly have a gift.There's something really really comforting in your voice. The words, choice of statments. Such an open loving space allowing my soul to let go of shame and judgment. I felt relief. I really feel a shift. You helped me tremendously . Can I beat this, release this? Now for the first time it's not possible, it's probable." - Q.W., L.A, California


"Mary Pat has extensive training and is an authentic woman of integrity. She is passionate to bring her skills to the world. Call her for a consult. You will not be disappointed!" - K.N.,Marlton, New Jersey


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