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Emotional Freedom Technique




Here is the basic information for you in participating in my programs. It is perfectly ok if you have never used EFT/Tapping before. It is easy, You cannot do it wrong. Just relax and I will lead you! 


Happy Tapping!




 What will happen when I tap, will I feel anything changing? 

 Sometimes when you tap you will feel a verifiable physical change in your body, usually indicated by a big yawn, is deep breath, a burp, laughter, or a noticeable relaxation in your shoulders, throat, or stomach. Other times people report feeling “lighter” all over. Mentally, you may notice that an issue you worried about before simply does not concern you anymore. 

 Are there any negative side effects of EFT? 

 As for side effects, here are the ones I have encountered: 

 --a feeling of relaxation after tapping 
 --tiredness and a need for extra sleep after an intense breakthrough 
 --excessive yawning or even burping (energy shifts are taking place) 
If deep emotions have been tapped on I have felt some emotional “detox”; feeling sad, crying. Tapping on these feelings and any beliefs/thoughts that have come up will help to dissipate those.  
EFT is like peeling an onion; layer after layer of feelings, beliefs are brought up and released 

 Aren’t there more meridian points on the body that can be tapped? 

 Absolutely. You can tap on many other points than the seven shown on the basic diagram. (located below)
1) EFT Often Works When Nothing Else Will! Try it and see. 
2) EFT is a TOOL. A screwdriver works on everything from cars to videocassette recorders. EFT is like that. It is a general tool that can be used to "repair" your emotional system. 
3) Training is Required to Master EFT. If you gave me a set of tools and asked me to repair your car, I would say “NO WAY!" To fix a car would require that I know something about applying the tools to an automobile. EFT is a like a tool and you are like the mechanic. EFT works IF you know how to apply it, which you learn through training. 
4) EFT is a Self-Applied Process. Like exercise or meditation, you get out of EFT what you put into it.  
In the mid-1990's, a man named Gary Craig took elements from other Meridian Energy Therapies and he created a simple healing protocol which he named the "The Emotional Freedom Techniques."  He began teaching those techniques to people in workshops and with videotapes of his seminars. Psychologists, personal coaches, hypnotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and others have flocked to EFT in overwhelming numbers. For many professionals, it has become their main personal development tool. 
The Emotional Freedom Techniques have an interesting history which has been recorded in detail in videos, training manuals, and on Gary Craig's website. For those who want to know the full history and development of EFT, or to read additional case studies, see Gary's website,

The basic theory behind the application of EFT is expressed in what Gary Craig calls the "Discovery Statement": 
In other words, EFT works because it balances the body's energy system and restores the flow of energy to its normal pattern. When energy and emotions are allowed to flow normally, the body and the mind can heal themselves. 

 IMPORTANT NOTE: The description below is a short-cut version of EFT which is effective much of the time. There is much more to the Emotional Freedom Techniques than this short introduction.  
EFT has two parts, the Set-Up, and the Tapping. The Set Up is kind of like setting up the bowling pins (the issue) and the Tapping is kind of like knocking down the bowling pins. 
When you say the Set-Up phrase you focus on the issue you want to resolve, bringing it into your awareness, and when you do the Tapping, you tap on several “energy” points on your body.  The “energy” points relate to the meridian points from Chinese Medicine and are sometimes called acupuncture points or acupressure points. Some people simply refer to these points as “relaxation” points, because you will often feel very relaxed after you tap on the points a few times.   
For the SetUp part of EFT, you identify the issue you want to tap on, and you say a very special phrase while tapping on the side of your hand (SH) with one or more fingers from your other hand. Here is the typical Set-Up phrase: 
"Even though I have this (name the issue)or I feel ___, I deeply and completely accept myself." 

You can adapt the SetUp to fit any situation or issue. In advanced practice, the way you say the Set Up can sometimes make ALL the difference in whether or not the tapping works. Learning to say THE exact Set Up that will help THE exact problem you are working on is a skill which you will develop as you practice EFT. 
As a beginner, you can use the Standard Set Ups such as: 
Even though I have this back pain, I deeply and completely accept myself.” 

Even though I feel angry at that car that just pulled out in front of me, I deeply and completely accept myself.” 
“Even though  I am craving for  that piece of cake, I deeply and completely accept myself.”    

You tap gently on certain points on your body–hard enough to feel it, but not hard enough to hurt yourself.  You will tap between 5 to 10 times on each point with one or two fingers. Then you will go to the next point. 
As you tap on the meridian points, you repeat 
to yourself a “reminder” phrase to keep the issue in your mind.  For example, if you are tapping on a headache, you say “this headache” as you tap. Repeating the reminder phrase keeps you focused on the issue at hand. 
A SUMMARY OF THE SETUP AND TAPPING PROCEDURE  1. Identify an issue or problem you want to work on (such as a pain, an unpleasant memory, a food craving, a fear, etc.). Be specific in identifying the issue. For example, you might say “this pain on the lower left side of my back.” 
Give that issue an Intensity Rating on a scale from 1—10 
(1 = barely noticeable, 5 = moderately annoying, 10 = unbearable). 
2. Say the affirmative statement (SET UP)  while tapping the (SH) point. 


 "Even though (name the problem), I deeply and completely accept myself." Example: “Even though I have this pain on the lower left side of my back, I deeply and completely accept myself.” 

3. Tap 5 - 10 times on each of the following energy points while focusing your mind on the problem you just rated. And keep the issue in mind by saying a “reminder” phrase while you tap. 
7 Energy Points: EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA  (See Diagram)


EB-Inner Eyebrow; SE-Side of Eye near temple; UE- undereye on bone; UN- under nose;CH- crease of chin; CB-collarbone area, UA- underarm bra strap area
4. Check in with your mind and rate the problem again. Is it still a 10? an 8? a 2? If it is not a zero (0), repeat the EFT sequence. 

















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