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Parenting By Design


What do your kids do that drive you crazy?

Are there times when their behavior bothers you more than others? Are there times when your kids just seem more annoying?


As parents we are more likely to react to our children's misbehavior when we are feeling stressed, tired, in a rush or there is something emotional going on. Under these circumstances, our children's normal behavior can become a major irritant.

In order to
change your reaction as a parent, you have to first understand why children "do the things they do". All behavior has a purpose and is a form of communication.

Think about it. Can your  three or even eight year-old come up to you and say, "Hey, Mom, I'm feeling a little disenfranchised today. Can we find a way for me to have more appropriate power?"

No. Of course not. A child who feels powerless is more likely to throw themselves down in the middle of a crowded grocery store aisle and loudly proclaim their deep need for marshmallows to the whole world while you cringe at their side.

Or refuse to go to bed (and stay in their own bed)

eat their peas.

Parenting Quick Tip: You can't make a child, eat, or sleep no matter how hard you try.

All behavior has a purpose. All misbehavior is a form of communication. Everyone, including parents and children has certain basic needs that they have to get met:

1. They need to feel free.
2. They need to feel loved.
3. They need to pursue joy.
4. They need to experiment and explore so that they can grow.

When children have these needs
appropriately met (according to developmental ages and stages) they will develop healthy self-esteem and feel self-empowered. You can teach children how to get their needs met appropriately. It takes about 18 years!


Which is why parenting with a long-term strategy is crucial for long-term success as a parent!

I raised two children. I became a mom for the first time at almost 35 years of age so i thought"I'm mature. I can handle this . No sweat." WRONG!


What I learned that it did not matter how old I was; I was still a mom for the first time and I was in unchartered waters!  I remember thinking about my first child, that I did not get some behaviors, why he would or would not do things and they were definitely not how I learned to behave AND I knew that I was not going to respond to him how my parents did, so I was definitely in need of some parenting skills... When my daughter came along two years, eight months later, I thought, "ok, I've figured this out". Once again, WRONG! She,of course, was a human being wired totally different and uniquely from birth (now I know sooner than that). So now I had  new parenting lessons to learn in relating to her AND lessons in parenting two unique individuals at different developmental stages!  I'm sure most of you can relate to this!


Unfortunately, Human Design was not available to me then! Fortunately for You there is an Instructional Manual unique to your child's personality and needs! It Is Human Design...


You will learn how to use the Human Design System to help you:

understand your child's unique energetic qualities

how to help your child learn to make powerful decisions

how to parent in a way that honors both you and your child (and your co-parenting partner)
you will gain a powerful understanding to help you become the best parent you can be!


  Are YOU ready to become the Parent you truly Want To Be? To Empower Your Child To Be The Powerful, Self-fulfilled Being they came to this Lifetime to Be?

               Schedule a Free consultation NOW to get your Human Design and Your child's!





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