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Learning Therapy


What IS Learning Therapy??


IT IS NOT  traditional tutoring




State of the ArtBased on and using the most current and ongoing research on the Learning Process and the Brain. It has been used in schools and private training centers internationally since the 1960’s .


Developmental: Identifies and Trains all the abilities in the order that they Naturally occur in a child as he/she develops in life


Comprehensive: Identifies and trains all  the abilities essential to successful learning and achievement in school and functioning in life. These include Gross/Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills, Neuro Developmental Skills (which are critical for comprehension, reading and written expression), Visual and Auditory Perceptual, Memory, Intellectual and Learning Styles to name a few!. Any and or some of these are why your child is struggling in school!


THE SOLUTION: FOR ACADEMIC AND LEARNING PROBLEMS ! Labels as Learning Disability, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADD, ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder are all SYMPTOMS! They are NOT the REAL PROBLEMS!  The REAL PROBLEMS are in the paragraph above!!


Schools and Tutoring work on the SYMPTOMS which is why special needs programs, accommodations and tutoring is ongoing, over and over and over… WITHOUT YOUR CHILD EVER REACHING THEIR POTENTIAL AND LEARNING SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT THESE ACADEMIC CRUTCHES!!


Your child will be worked with one on one during each session that they attend.

Each session of 1.5 hours includes one on one training with MaryPat Correro, a Learning Expert  who Specializes in the field of Learning Disabilities.


Mrs. Correro will support your child through a training process that :


develops new neuro pathways of the brain


 develop the many intellectual abilities as cognition, memory, executive functions


as well as Focusing and Sensori-Motor Integration abilities that will in turn develop the specific learning abilities, and gives your child the “mental tools” that they need to be prepared to learn in school!


Whether it is an academic problem or difficulty focusing attention , concentrating or other behavior problems, many of these, if not most, are based on a lack of the mental skills necessary for successful functioning in school — and in life!


 ONCE their intellectual abilities and cognitive processing skills are well developed


Your child will learn and achieve more easily


and remediation of weak academic skills (caused by years of poor processing skills)


will be resolved more quickly than before!




 Specific Learning Disabilities

Attention, Concentration, ADD/ADHD

Sensori Integration Issues

Auditory/Visual Processing

 Dyslexia, Dysgraphia



Language Based LearningProblems

Arithmetic, Math

Spelling and Writing Problems....


As Well As:

  • Those receiving basic skills instruction

  • Children not tested by schools because “they don’t think” they have learning problems.

  • Children who were tested but the “interpretation” of their testing results said they did not have learning disabilities although you think differently.




  • Symptoms of learning and attention difficulties disappear

  • Students begin to easily take in, remember and used information learned in school

  • Increased ability to pay attention, stay on task

  • Improved memory, comprehension and retention of skills and content material

  • Children become more independent learners

  • Improved academic performance

  • Improved family life- less struggles, tears, frustration, less time on homework!

  • Relationships with siblings improve

  • Need for repetitive tutoring, accommodations is eliminated

  • Reach academic potential

  • Become good readers, efficient in Math

  • Develop the concepts behind the “rote” learning!

  • With “conceptualization” your child will begin to understand what they are doing and why!



  • Addresses the root causes of learning difficulties, not just the symptoms

  • No fail approach to learning

  • Train to Mastery

  • One on One training with MaryPat Correro

  • Completely Individualized treatment plan

  • Sensory integration training – crossing midline, balance, body in space for learning and ADD/ADHD

  • Vision focusing training- targeting, moving across page, near point/ far point, eye hand coordination to improve reading, comprehension, writing and Math

  • Metronome based perceptual training

  • Developmentally appropriate

  • Scientifically proven programing including...

    • Structure of Intellect Systems

    •  Learning Breakthrough Program

    • Brain Mastery: Dyslexia Control/management.

    • The Listening Program for Auditory Processing, Sensory integration, ADD and more!

    • Brain Builder


  • Academic remediation of reading, spelling, comprehension, writing, language arts, math when developmentally ready/appropriate and if needed using scientifically proven materials/programs.

  • Study Skills/Strategies (after all abilities and academic skills are fully developed)

  • Parent Education,Support and Advocacy Services

  • Teleconferences for parents and professional educators

  • Homeschooling programming and consultation available!


Too far to travel? Long Distance programming services available – call for Details!


 Call Today for a free consultation! 856 220 6403





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