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Healing From Darkness

Tragedies in the world like that occurred this week and not long ago in Paris so random and sudden, may trigger our own insecurities, fears and throw us off kilter in our daily functioning.

Doreen Virtue, Psychologist, Angel Therapy Expert and Author in her excellent blog 4 Ways to Heal From Tragedy and Post Traumatic Stress says ” Studies show that our bodies can’t distinguish between stress that happens to us personally, and stress that happens to another person. Our bodies’ empathic systems pour stress hormones into our systems, whenever we read, see, or hear about a traumatic situation. This is called “Secondary PTSD.”

We can be triggered and yet our mind does not understand or reason or rationalize why we should be bothered so much like a tidle wave or tsunami in our own lives.

While sending love, prayer and positive energy to those affected by these actions (which in REALITY IS ALL of Us ) Self CARE IS ESPECIALLY important. We cannot help anyone else if we ourselves are also “in the ditch” emotionally, mentally and energetically…

Doreens four Methods for Healing Ourselves include:

1. Move your body to disperse stress chemicals

2. Stay away from news reports

3. Listen to gentle music

4. Spirituality

This is excellent advice in every day life and especially in difficult times. Deep breathing, walks out in nature, Yoga, affirmations, healthy nourishing inspirational music and literature or even a funny movie or sitcom can help!

Stress hormones first of all need to be released from our bodies and then nurture and support ourselves through healthy Sensory Input to our brains, ears and eyes. This is critically important for adults not just children!

Once our own peace of mind and personal “vibration” is lifted we can send abundant blessings, love, prayer and visual images to those directly affected in Paris , Syria and the whole world.

Sound Health Albums by Advanced Brain Technologies are specifically designed to tap into brain functions and emotional responses based on the research of famous ENT Dr. Tomatis. Among the Albums are De Stress and Relaxation, Maximum Focus, Inspiration among others. They are a great resource for nourishing the brain and soul daily!

Learning about your Authentic Self Through your own Human Design will help you to know your Energetic Nature and how to help yourself best in dealing with life in general and specifically when you feel triggered and traumatized. By knowing my Human Design, my energetic blueprint, how I AM uniquely wired, I can best understand why I am feeling and responding to situations personal and global as I am.

Once I understand what is going on for me, the most effective personal tool that I have found and use in my life to de-stress and regain my balance energetically and emotionally is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Haven’t heard of It? Don’t know how to use it effectively?

Want someone to do EFT with? Ready to Learn about Your Own Unique Human Design?

I am here for you!

Call me at 856 220 6403 or email me at

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