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Is Your Child "Learning Abled"?


Research has shown that the most successful people in life are confident, life long, independent learners!

Is your child?

Or rather, is he or she dependent on...


specialized education

ongoing tutoring... help her or him "get through school" and learn material?

Does your child struggle and depend on you to learn and achieve?

This is "dependent learning" and will not prepare your child for successful independent learning - and living!

Learning disabled/learning dependent children become learning disabled/dependent adults!!

Potential, achievement and earning power as an adult become limited!


  • Ability to focus and maintain attention on schoolwork and homework

  • Homework taking longer than it should

  • Difficulty following directions

  • Poor comprehension and retention of information

  • Poor reading skills or resistance to reading

  • Difficulty with math concepts and calculations

  • Undue stress about school

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • Poor achievement despite intelligence

  • Lack of progress despite placement in specialized educational programs

  • Eating, Sleeping and Anxiety Problems--these are very common signs of Covert Learning Problems!

These are all symptoms of learning difficulties that result in learning dependency.

Tutoring won't resolve these issues!

Why not?

The objective of tutoring is to deliver the same content that a learner is presented with in school.

Curriculum is broken into smaller pieces, with different teaching strategies. It does not address the problems causing these symptoms.

Our approach instead is to use Learning Therapy, a scientifically proven, therapeutic cognitive skill training Process which allows students brains to connect with the learning process and increases their capacity to remember and apply information, to participate and succeed in school and in life.enhances their capacity to remember and apply information, and be able to participate and succeed in school and in life.


What Are The Results Of This Training?
  • Many and often all of the symptoms of learning and attention difficulties disappear

  • Need for repetitive tutoring is eliminated

  • Students complete schoolwork more independently

  • Increased ability to stay on task

  • Improved academic performance

  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence

  • Improved memory, comprehension and retention of skills and content material

  • Students begin to easily take in, remember and use information learned in school

  • Students reach their potential and are now prepared to learn, achieve and function effectively in school and in life



Will THIS be the LAST YEAR your child struggles to Learn?


For a FREE initial Consultation call 856 220 6403 or email

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