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Crying Is Healthy

Your tears are your friends.

"Don't be a baby"

"cry baby"

"Big Boys don't cry"

"Big Girls don't cry"

"What are you crying about?"

I'll give you something to REALLY cry about"

Heard any of these?

Comments like these wound the Soul.

They make us afraid...

To BE honest

To FEEL honestly

To Express our emotions

To BE Authentic

We Become Afraid of Our Own

Feelings and Emotions.

When, in Truth

They are Our Friends

There to Guide Us

Heal Us

Teach Us.

Cry, Dear One, Express All that is hurting

Your Heart and Your Soul.

Even today

New Thought Leaders discourage feelings.

Happy, Happy

Is Not

Real, Real.

We are Human

Created To Feel All.

Do Not Be Afraid of Your Feelings.

Embrace Them

Honor Them

Listen to Them

Express Them.

They are the WAY

To Healing

To Freedom

To Wisdom


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