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You are LOVE,

There is no one, no thing

That can keep you from Love

It is what you truly are

Love is all there is in Truth.

You are Love,

You Deserve Love

Love is truth.

Humans do not truly know this.

Anything not of Love is FEAR.

Any way that you are treated that does not feel loving

Is not of YOU

It is not Love

And it is NOT your Fault!

Any human behaviors that are not of Love are Fear

We are mistaken.

They are mistaken.

We live in a mistaken world.

We are still Love.

Our mistakes do not define us.

Fear does not define us, or them.

Mistakes are of Fear and not real

Fear is a mistake from knowing the TRUTH.

It does nt define you, or them.

Love is Truth.

You are Love.

Love is ALL.

Love is TRUTH.

Love is not a feeling, or an action.

It is who you are.

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