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Choosing Miracles

WE give MEANING To EVERYTHING. Can you believe that?? I learned this concept or belief or truth many years ago, back in 2004 and for me, now, I Know it to be True.

A meaning may not have originally been created by you but rather mankind, your race, your culture, your religion, your get it. And ultimately , if we want to live peacefully and joyfully we need to take responsibility for what we believe and feel and make choices and then do what we need to do to change to a place of feeling better..

As I cannot reiterate enough, I make it very clear that there is no right or wrong feeling or belief, it is whether IT brings you peace or pain....It is NOT you in essence...The meaning we bring to some experience, thought, word, post, facial expression,etc is what causes the pain NOT the thing, experience itself!

So the meaning you and I give to something creates peace or pain...Here's an example...

The third anniversary of Katie's return Home, her "death" was on June 5, 2016. The days leading up to it I remember starting to feel anxious,upset, getting into an "emotional" state.. The day before the anniversary I remember hearing myself say to myself "I don't know how I should feel!"LISTENING TO THAT STOPPED ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS. HOW I should feel?? That means I have a choice, a choice of how to feel. It does not have to be an emotional sad, teary day...I chose to feel peaceful, to feel contentment, have a nice day out with my husband.I chose to give myself a gift, a gift of letting go of being a victim of life, of being at war with life. I chose those gifts and that choice gave me the day I wanted for me and for my husband. Oh and by the way, as an aside, I choose day to day what I want, as best I can. That choosing is not a one time done deal!

A Course in Miracles says "A miracle is a change in perception." I chose to experience June 5 differently, to experience it in a peaceful way, change what I believe the day could feel like, be like. That does NOT change the fact that Katie is no longer in our physical life just like all the suffering, crying, rage, anger, does not bring her back, does not change that fact by one tiny bit...

I honored and got all of that "stuff"out of me in specific healthy, deliberate, productive ways...I am not stuffing anything down or away anymore...Habits and beliefs can die hard though so I chose to not follow the belief that I should feel sad, remorseful, grief stricken. Not to, does not mean I don't care, or that I don't miss her.. It is surrendering to "what is" and loving myself and my divine right to FEEL GOOD AND ENJOY MY LIFE!

With this change of mind I experienced a Miracle. As soon as I acknowledged and gave myself permission to feel and believe differently, to just allow the day to unfold and seek peace and enjoyment about that day, I felt a surge of peace flow through my nervous system, through my body. And it stayed. Yes, a Miracle is a change of perception. Feeling peaceful and calm and happy on June 5, 2015, the third anniversary of Katie's overdose from Heroin was a Miracle.

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