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From Grief To Joy: Healing thru EFT

It's been three years since my daughter went Home. I feel much better today, up early for me, appreciating the beautiful cool July morning, and feeling enthusiastic and excited about the future... This is not a fluke or luck but by Intention and committment to healing my heart, mind and Soul.. Using energy therapies especially Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also called Tapping is the reason why.

I have experienced pretty much all types of "talk" therapies and support groups. Nothing has been as powerful as EFT. And that is not just me. I see the profound healing, and shifts in consciousness in clients as well in a very short period of time...weeks not years!

What I don't get is why do people "defend" their limitations?

I see so much of that online in social media groups. I am not saying don't recognize or honor your feelings. Yes, that is absolutely necessary to healing.I know and remember in the grief process the tsunami of emotions and symptoms...

But WHY do you choose to hold on to them like a "medal of honor"?

I heard one woman say how she feels sad everyday. I thought hmmm that's unfortunate. I said it does not have to be that way... I would have thought her response would have been '"Really? How can I change that? How can I feel better?" Nope.

Her badge of sadness apparently means more...very common actually. Many people would rather complain, than do what is possible to heal and feel better...

I am here to show people how to live more joyfully, and for once and for all heal the "stockpiled grief" that they are not even aware of. Yes, it is very clear from experience, that we do not live in a bubble and it bursts the day a loved one dies. How we grieve is how we have learned to deal with life! All the unrecognized and unmourned grief from life gets brought up for healing too.

Hurts from childhood, from parents, teachers, clergy you name it. Even though you are an adult now the energy of those childhood hurts, wounds is still running through your nervous system, as subconscious beliefs and emotions and impacts the grief you are feeling now! Clients are truly amazed when they are awakened to the reality of this through their own Tapping experience.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) taps on the energetic meridian points of the nervous system, points that are stimulated as in acupuncture. It balances and releases emotions, subconscious memories and beliefs,that are currently limiting us without our awareness. These contribute greatly to the depth of grief and actually that is what "complicates" grief!

Here is what a few clients have said about their experience with my Grief to Joy thru tapping experience:

"I experienced a powerful breakthrough."

"Mary Pat creates a safe space to share what you are struggling with and very quickly is able to go deep and access your negative hidden beliefs that are holding you back."

"I would recommend you and your services to anyone who is feeling held back in life or in business by a nagging fear because in just one session you were able to help me identify the root cause and experience an emotional release."

I love how this is opening us up to see how our past wounds are coloring our pain of dealing with the death of our children. I wasn't expecting this. I'm really excited for the depth of healing that is happening for all of us.”

"Such an open loving space allowing my soul to let go of shame and judgment. I felt relief. I really feel a shift. You helped me tremendously . Can I beat this, release this? Now for the first time it's not possible, it's probable."

I love the results. The healing comes quick, alot quicker than talk therapy.

“That session helped me tremendously. I feel much better.”

“I’m not so angry anymore.”

“I never looked at it in that light before.”

“Huge insights yesterday. Thank you.”

Why would you want to treat yourself to the Grief To Tapping thru EFT experience?


*Peace of mind feels better than suffering

*Looking in the mirror and seeing a vibrant woman feels better than sunken eyes, dirty hair and looking aged beyond your years

*Holidays can become joyful celebrations of life with sweet memories rather than a dreaded drudgery year after year

*Summer is more enjoyable without the pain, limiting beliefs, and anxiety from unresolved grief

*A peaceful heart feel s better than a guilty heart

*A calm nervous system feels better than one with riddled with anxiety and sadness

*Your other children deserve a mom who is fully present to their needs

*YOU Deserve to be Happy!

*YOU Deserve to live fully!

***Because it Works!

WE are not meant to suffer, we're not brought to this lifetime to suffer...That is a Universal Truth, not just my belief. It is shown in our energetic Blueprints which I work with as part of the EFT healing Process...

When you are ready to free yourself of the beliefs, emotions, that are keeping you down and out I am here for you. We will hunger for the physical connection with our loved one. That is the core of Grief.

But I will tell you that more than 50 % of that grief is OLD STUFF, limiting beliefs,unresolved grief and unexpressed emotions from life traumas and experiences prior to the death of your loved one!!

You can feel better, live more powerfully and productively and peacefully and have a new, albeit different, but still meaningful relationship with your loved one ...if you choose!

If not NOW, WHEN?

Have a lovely, peaceful Fourth of July weekend.



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