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Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: Part 2

Myths of Grief

Grief and Mourning are Synonymous

No. Grief is the natural internal response of your body, central nervous system, mind and emotions to any change in your life. Big or small by your standards. Death of a loved one or retirement from a job, moving to a new home, getting left back in grade school, death of a pet hamster, etc.. Anything can cause a grief response.

Mourning is the way to heal and release the grief and come to a place of peaceful coexistence and homeostasis (Balance) in your body, emotions and central nervous system, function better and experience joy and peace.

Time Heals

No. Healing occurs by “doing the work”, specific, intention based, mourning, step by step peeling away of all that is at the root of grief is what heals. That does take time but time by itself does not heal.

Suffering is what keeps us connected.

No. This is very much like the second MYTH in Part 1 of this Blog but is worth repeating because it is a HUGE limiting belief causing unnecessary suffering.

We are always connected with our loved ones no matter what. This IS NOT a belief but a TRUTH! Suffering is not the key and our loved ones in Spirit certainly do not want us to feel this way. They see the waste of energy and life and know that “suffering to stay connected” is a FEAR BASED BELIEF.

The Issue is Do YOU? Do YOU want to suffer or feel better? Do you deserve to? Do you feel it is “appropriate” to?

It is ok that you do not know how to! I am here to show you how, show you the way, if you choose…

To Be Continued…

If you would like to read Part 1 of this Blog entitled Words That Hurt, Words That Heal go to this link which is on my website:

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