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A day in the life of a mom

I took my dog for a walk this morning and we met a neighbor and her two "weiner" dogs...As our dogs did their own "greeting thing" she and I chatted.

She was the younger sister of a childhood friend of Katie's...A young woman herself now, out of college and teaching, home visiting her family.

Nice to hear how everyone was doing, how their lives were flowing over the last 15 years since our families met and related as parents of two childhood girlfriends.

As we went our separate ways I noticed that I started to feel funky. Hmmm. I listened to the thoughts that started to flow; actually sad, victim thoughts...they were the cause of the shift in how I was feeling...

SO I pulled out my tools because I DO NOT WANT to FEEL BAD! Period.

And I certainly DID NOTHING to deserve feeling poorly either! Really Now!

And I know "hands down" that MY thoughts and MY reactions to "what is", "how life is", what other people do or say IS the source of my and our feeling bad! Always.

IT IS NOT "what is going on" that is the cause! It is MY/OUR inner dialogue about it . And therefore, It is my/our responsibility and under my/our control to change it. IF we choose to feel better.

So I did what I tell my clients to do. Breathe. Acknowledge and Honor the feelings. The feelings are there to tell me/us that something is going on within me/us, something that is there to be healed! NOT believed as truth!

That is not making it wrong. Listen for what the belief is behind the feeling, which is, in the first place causing the feeling... Surrender the feelings, beliefs and my inability to accept " what is" .

If a belief causes us to feel bad it is NEVER TRUE! NEVER A TRUTH! I got the belief , acknowledged it, I surrendered it and then started using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly called Tapping and the harsh feelings and energy dissipated.No surprise at all! It works; it always does.

I was back in the nice peaceful mindset, mood I was in before and during the lovely conversation I had with my young neighbor. I follow this healing, self loving process throughout the day...

I know my daughter's journey was what it was meant to be. AND it was her journey, not mine. And I miss her very much and know that she is with me always. I feel her powerful presence.

And I know that in Spirit now, she is doing exactly what she is meant to be doing and doing it with peace, and joy and living in bliss. No less important or meaningful than anyone else's!

How could I ask for anything more for my kid?

Please feel free to share what is going on for you. I am here to listen and guide and support you on your own journey..

Have a blessed peaceful day MOM'S! You absolutely deserve it and can have it!

Love and Blessings,


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