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Shame and guilt are expressions of fear.The fear of those who criticize, and find fault. Our children who have died because of addictions and suicide are not defined by how old they are when they leave this planet NOR and MOST IMPORTANTLY HOW they died. Yes.

Their death does not define them in any way!

Souls who are in human form are very creative and specifically choose how they are going to "GO Home" . While some human beings have a sense of their souls journey and it's plan to Go Home, many, probably most do not.

They are all unique transitions from the physical to the non physical--by an accident in a car, airplane, on a bicycle, by drugs, suicide,disease, old age, you name it.

It is not random or coincidental nor good nor bad from the Soul perspective.

That is not the case however for the human mind which sees the ways that humans "die" as acceptable or wrong, tragic, peaceful, shameful, in vain etc .

NONE are better, nor more correct, honorable, this or that than any other!

No matter how our Soul choose to Go Home, The Soul which we Truly Are does not suffer!

And this is very important especially for all parents who are hearing your child "caused their own death" which is a terribly cruel, and totally inaccurate statement..

NEWS FLASH!! All death is a Soul choice so the child who died from cancer, heart disease, or drugs, alcohol ALL were decided by the Soul, so parents there is no better nor more "appropriate" or "acceptable" or shameful OR in vain!

Definitely there is NO SHAMEFUL way to die in TRUTH, IN SPIRIT! The human mind believes differently as I said earlier but that is NOT the TRUTH!

Soo then, you are no more on or "off the hook" as a parent!

Actually it has NOTHING to do with YOU AND I as parents!

It is the Soul's DECISION of that child that you were a guardian for in the physical realm! PERIOD.

So lets stop the finger pointing and criticism of other parents please??

And parents please start to be kinder and more loving to yourself. Your child is NOT bad or shameful or any other demeaning adjective that fear based humans have created!

Your beloved child who left this world by suicide, drugs or any other way that is not humanly "sanctioned" as acceptable, your beloved child, who you gave your all to raising, they are now at peace, in the loving embrace of their Creator and other loved ones!


The human mind may have fear because it is limited and does not Know (up until now) The Truth.

As your child's Soul leaves the body It is greeted by loved ones not only from this life time but from other life times as well. In essence, none of us go Home alone..

So please do your best to not feel bad and agonize that you were not there at your child's "death" if you weren't.

That actually is part of the Soul Plan, Soul choice too! It was not personal no matter how it feels to you and I as the human mom (or dad).

I know that is hard. VERY, VERY HARD. My daughter made her transition without my being there. If you were not there, and I was not there, then you and I were not meant to be!

As many of you may know, there is an epidemic of young adult children dying by drugs and suicide. I know how my daughter touched young people's lives in a loving, nourishing way before she died. She died from Heroin in 2013.

Who am I to say this was bad or wrong? or should not have been? How arrogant to "judge" her Soul's journey! To make assumptions about who her Soul is, who other young people's Souls are or what their Soul journey is about!

That does not mean that we don't respond to the inspiration and Spirit nudges for us to heal and change the problem and the laws in the human realm. They are catalysts for us to become conduits for greatness and love in the world!

I know this personally. I am a better person because of my daughter's addiction and death and it has primed me to do the life work I am doing with and for mom's and dads.

I have grown more compassionate about the homeless, those struggling with addictions, incarcerated and more conscious about how my daughter's own soul has expanded greatly through her life experience! I know this partially because she has communicated with us expressing profound Wisdom and Love.

I may be preaching to the choir but please share with those who you feel may benefit, those who are open to being educated and opening their minds.

Please do not take personally, the self righteous judgmental, guilt and shame coming from people. It is about them, it is their projection, their fear.

It is not yours to take on! It is NOT about YOU or your CHILD! And if it triggers you, there is something in you, about it, though that is for you to heal.

An even harder one for you is please do your best to not take personally your child's transition from this world by drugs or suicide ..I know this is very, very hard and a great cause of your suffering....I am here to support you in healing this.

I need you to know that it is your and my interpretation, your and my beliefs about what is and what was for our children that are keeping us in suffering and pain!

The statements that other people make would not hurt us, trigger us, unless there is something in US that believes that what they are saying is true!

You and I will honor ourselves and our children by healing and releasing whatever those false beliefs are!

Our kids are good; they are healed and at peace and continuing to share in Spirit the beautiful gifts they also had in their human life!

I watched the suffering, the struggle, the limited services available to my daughter that from my opinion, missed the healing possibilities. I tell ANYONE " step into her shoes if you dare to judge or shame or cause guilt to her or me as her mom or YOU or any of your loved ones!"

I HONOR ALL OF YOU MOMS who raised your children with love, as best you could and also buried them. If drug addiction can happen to My daughter and My family it CAN and WILL happen to anybody!

Stand tall. Talk Love to yourself and your beloved child. Surround your self with UNIVERSAL TRUTH and People who love and support you. How do you know what it is? IF it brings comfort and peace. You will know. Trust yourself. Be at peace. Your child is whole, happy and at Home. They now "have it made". Yes.

Blessings and Love to you on this journey, I am here for you. Let's talk.


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